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Nightmares: Stanner
Bruce was asleep by the time Tony got to the bedroom. Not surprising; it was way later than usual. He peeled off his shirt quietly and very carefully sat down on the edge of the bed.
He only moved slightly in his sleep when Tony sat down on the bed. His breathing was deep and there was no sign that his sleep was disturbed so far.
Tony smiled and cautiously slipped under the bed sheets and wrapped his arms around his partner. He placed a soft kiss on top of Bruce's head and closed his eyes, he had promised Bruce he would get more sleep but it was difficult when he had so much on his mind...
This time Bruce moved, only at first to press closer against Tony until it registered in his slowly waking mind that Tony had joined him. His eyes slowly opened and he tipped his head for a kiss to Tony's lips. "Hey. Finally decided to join me, hm?"
Tony smiled again and ran a hand through Bruce's thick curly hair, "Sorry if I woke you up. I know you big guys need your beauty sleep." He joked.
"I sle
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The one and only me..In London by misguidedghost1511 The one and only me..In London :iconmisguidedghost1511:misguidedghost1511 1 10
A last dance. A last regret.
Helen thought she was drunk at first but she hadn't drunk anything; she just felt better. Like all her energy had just decided to run around her body at 200 miles an hour with out showing any signs of stopping.
She felt free again.
She felt alive again.
Helen couldn't hold it in anymore. She smiled slowly and took a few graceful ballet steps forward. A grin took over and her arms spread out so the tips of her fingers touched the cold, wet alleyway wall. She took a deep breath and ran. Her feet got wet from the puddles but it didn't stop her.
Nothing could stop her.
Eventually she added skips and spins. Half dancing half running with her ink black hair trailing behind her, Helen went on. She saw the end of the alley but she wasn't scared anymore. The streets were empty, even better Helen thought.  She stopped in the middle of the road to do an impressive spin leap and continued on. As she ran down a side street that had many shops down it, she spread her arms again and suddenl
:iconmisguidedghost1511:misguidedghost1511 3 19
Love is a battlefield.
Alex stared at Carrie with fascination. She had a sweet smile on her face and a faraway look in her eyes. Just once he would love to be able to see the world like she did. To be able to pretend that they were sitting on top of the world rather than just swinging on the local park swings. Just once. Carrie stopped and looked at him with her warm green eyes. "You'll be off to war soon" She almost whispered, "Won't you?" Alex looked straight into her eyes.
"Not forever, Carrie," He replied "Wars don't last forever"
Carrie frowned. "neither do people" she said.
He took her hand. "Maybe not, But in peoples memories we live forever so don't forget me, ok?"
Carrie smiled again. "Very melodramatic," She giggled as she stood up and began walking towards the gate. Alex followed her.
"You going home?" He asked. She nodded
"Hallie and Beatrice are at that party and wont be home till tomorrow so if you want to come over..." She trailed off.
Alex did come over. He stayed over. Carrie got them both a
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Children of Hurricane House
There are many stories of children who are "Special." There are children who can talk to animals, read minds or even fly! This child in particular was "Special." She couldn't time travel but could see through time like it was the latest film in the cinema. Of course nobody can have a talent like that and go unnoticed forever, so the day came when Mrs. Parks answered the door to two important looking men. They asked her if she had noticed anything strange about her infant daughter Tammy, Mrs. Park knew exactly why they were here, although she didn't want to admit it. Her mother had warned her. "I have it; your children will have it but you I'm afraid don't, and they will come"  
Her mother had, unfortunately been the village weirdo. Tabatha Park had worn a watch around her head like an eye patch and claimed she could see through time, so no wonder people thought "weirdo belongs in an asylum if you ask me!" Poor Tabatha, all that was left of her now was the old watch she used t
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Courage. Preview.
Leoni opened her eyes slowly, She winced as a sharp pain hit her head. What had happened the night before? Leoni slowly stood up and looked across the sea of bodies, empty bottles and broken glass that was once her living room.
The room swayed as she picked her way across the room and to the window. Leoni looked out to the front yard and sighed, there was something missing...what was it? A hand lightly rested on Leoni's shoulder "They're not back yet." Whispered the owner of the hand.
Leoni's eyes snapped open.  What had happened Then and now?
:iconmisguidedghost1511:misguidedghost1511 0 10
Dream catch me......
The cloaked figure sat upright on her unmade bed looking through an old, worn out book. She had been there for about half an hour waiting for something, anything to happen. Just then a emrald, green snake slithered up to look over her shoulder "Crow?" He whispered.
"Hmmm?" The cloaked figure replied. "I have an idea." said the snake with a grin.
Crow sighed and closed her book "and what would that be?" she asked.
"you still want wings right?" he began " 'cause I was thinking-"
"You've asked me  this question a hundred times, snake and the answer's still no!" she yelled.
Crow pressed her head against the window, she wanted wings but ever since meeting a strange man who had rescued her from falling off a cliff she was starting to think there was no point. His last words before he walked away circled around her head, "Chasing dreams is like chasing rainbows, you'll never get to them no matter how much you try." Crow frowned "who's he to tell me to stop chasing dreams anyway?"
:iconmisguidedghost1511:misguidedghost1511 3 13
Come on in....if you dare!


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Hello children~
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